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King Root is an awesome tool to root any type of Android Device. It will work on many android devices and it is an easy to use tool that is a free download.

Kingroot Download is an amazing application that will help you to root your android device in one click as you have an operating system under the Android (Froyo) 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. Don't worry you can also use kingroot with Lollipop. You can simply Download KingRoot 4.6.2, KingRoot 4.8.2, KingRoot 2016 versions with one click of the download button.

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INTRODUCTION About KingRoot Apk Application

KingRoot Application is the best one click root app for any android phone or device. KingRoot Software will help you to root your android mobiles with windows computers like simple software so you can easily install this tool in your PC and root your mobile phone or devices with one click. So why is KingRoot the worlds best and most awesome rooting app for android mobile operating systems? When you use this tool and use it for your root access it will mean you will get an amazing experience with the highest success rate. Download KingRoot 2016 Now and enjoy. Did you know that when you root your Phone or Device it will help to boost your device speed, save batteries, remove ads, uninstall programs, battery backup, file recovery, save documents and have more advantages. Then you can start to root your phone by using kingroot android or kingroot windows installer. Read all articles on our website and get knowledgeable about how to root devices, how to unroot, how to solve bugs, how to fix problems and more with kingroot 4.6.2, kingroot 4.8.2 or kingroot 2016. Get your kingroot free now.

Why Root Android Devices Using Kingroot Download

This video will help to how to use this tool and how to root, unroot your mobile phone.

After rooting android devices or mobile can provide few advantages for your mobiles phone or devices. Here are some benefits with rooting your android mobile or devices:

Boost/Speed Up

Your mobile phone or devices will allow working fast with out stacking

Save Battery

Save your battery and will help to stand up your mobile more than past time.

Uninstall Apps

If your phone have hidden or can't uninstall app? Say bye for those apps.

Add Remove

King room can disable or remove sponsor ads in your web browser/apps.

Better File Backups

Cab backup your important files and documents fast.


How you like to set up your themes, sections and other elements in android? Do it how to look like to you.

KingRoot PC Get Root Access for Windows Platform

Did you ever think can root your mobile phone using a USB connection? Now kingroot Pc is able to connect your mobile phone and computer for rooting. But this program interface language is chinese so if you can read this language you can use it. If not don't worry we will share some tutorials for How to Root devices with Kingroot by using the computer. It's simple process to root android devices with Kingroot PC is very easy. Enable USB debug ( you can find this setting in "Developer Option") then connect devices to the computer via USB data cable. Now click a big blue button in the program screen and that's all. Your android devices will start rooting in a few seconds.Don't forget this important notice: Kingroot PC will not find or identify certain devices since it does not support all android device models.

Kingroot PC Download Now
Kingroot PC Desktop Instruction Images
kingroot pc

How to Remove KingRoot App in your Android Devices | Kingroot Unroot

Have few different ways to unroot kingroot in your android devices or mobile phone if you are root your device with the right way it will help to unroot same as root. You know how to uninstall another app in your devices then you can delete all Kingroot files and programs in your devices and it will never effect your devices. If you are on unclear? See the right-hand side or under the video to how to kingroot unroot. Kingroot will able to root your devices also, unroot your android devices.

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Kingroot Acknowledgement

#1 We really appreciate the hard work of [KEEN team]. He helped us solve quite a lot of tech problems. #2 We would like to inform us about gratitude to maksnogin, he helped us translating KingRoot into Spain, Russian.

Tool Version Information

Status: Stable | Current Stable Version: 5.2 | Stable Release Date: 2017-7-3 | Created 2017-07-1 | Last Updated 2017-7-11

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Supported Devices

Kingroot Developer License

All developer and original licence will stay on We are only give some details and tool download in original tool. Original developer is copyright @

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Kingroot is fastest and powerful tool to root any Android like Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Vivo, Oppo, Sony and all Android devices. This tool will not require any advanced options or hard things only need some basic mobile os knowledge to root android using king root. Sometimes some devices do not root correctly because all devices are not same so you need to know first your device can bee root with this app before starting root. So root your devices or mobile 100% extract with great knowledge. I will explain kingroot features and more because lot people still don't know what is this app correctly. Time to discuss kingroot features. I tell you, again and again, king root is the world fastest android root app so think why this app popular other than other apps. Kingroot has the unique root system and powerful programming Technics so it will easy root any kind of Android devices in few seconds

Do you know king root can also, boost up phone speed, fast web browsing, detect malware and anti-viruses, delete harmfully files and 100% protect your Android devices after root? Are you thinking now how to boost mobile phone after root so let's read this? When you root devices it will clean and disparagement chips, stores and databases so when you use devices you can get more than 500% fast than the before root. Other features are the list in the below.

  • 1. Protect Android system
  • 2. Clean Up Media Store
  • 3. Clean Up Chips
  • 4. Anti-Viruses detected
  • and more. Those are only a few features you can get other things with your experience.

    2nd Time Root Users

    Are you try to root your device in multiple times with using any other root apps? However finally not get enough result? Try with kingroot and you will differently successful your root access.

    Advanced Methods

    There is not advance method or easy methods anyone can simply root their phone or device with using this tool. Take your time and do this task correctly because some users not do root task correct and damaged their phone. Don't worry you can do this with the right guide. Do not use any expire methods to root your Android. I will share you genuine root process with kingroot app.

    How to Download

    We are not original kingroot developer so we only share this awesome tool with you. Kingroot original developers are here. This tool is not available in google play store so you will only download this tool on our website or any websites with sharing this tool. Check above download links to download this app version. it already includes 2017 released apps with all change logs. So you can easy find what you need kingroot versions and download with one click.

    When I Root Android It Will Damaged My Devices?

    completely no when you try correct methods and do this work right way your phone will have more than at this time. I mentioned above this is only one best root app in the world no any other apps to challenge this tool.

    How Many Space Need to for the Install Kingroot

    You will not need Giga Bytes this app will only take few megabytes in your devices to install. Don't think negative app size is small so how it will best app. Kingroot developer doing lot efforts to make its small size with the best performance. Download size is less than 5 MB so you can download it in around few seconds and install tool your devices or mobile phone. If you have download zip file please unzip before the use.

    Change-logs in 2017 release

    1. Boost speed more 2. Reduce app size 3. Android nougat compatible
    Few things You Don't Know About Kingroot:

    Lot people still don't know who is the real developers this tool and share this app with they own websites and blogs. This app has copyright claims and anyone can't share this app without giving credit for original developers. If you know any website have to give download this app without developers credit please share with email. They do lot efforts to finish and release this app to people so we need care this copyrights.

    Tree Major Things in Kingroot

    1. Easy to Use

    This tool special makes to use any beginners without facing trouble on install or rooting. So are you beginner for this app do not back steps go ahead and install and root now. Beginners can move to experience people after use this app exactly. No any words this is the best root app in the earth. Please recommend this app to your friends and share this website get download they copy.

    2. Not Harm your device

    This app will not include any bad or beware viruses, malware or anything this is the professional app like PayPal, eBay. Trust this app and install it your device before the root. Trust will very help full to use this app your future. Also, it will not be showing any sponsor ads and 3rf party popups so users will love this app. Everything is good so let's start the download and root.

    3. Root in Few Seconds

    Are you believe this app will root your Android phone or devices in around 3 seconds? Ohh Hoo you can see this in your eye when you use king root to root your Android. Another popular app will take more than one minutes to complete root process in android but King root will do in very fast like the jet. I hope finally you will use this app to use your root requirements and completed this talks in few seconds. If you have any trouble or issue with using this app please send me to message in via contact us page. I will help you ASAP as I can. Also, thank you for the reading my page and download this tool on my website. I will update this website frequently so you can check and download newest versions of this tool and see change logs too. Thank you for everyone again. Also i will share other popular root apps in this website soon so check this site out